“Freshen Up” – Part 1

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The bathroom has always been a place where people go to “freshen up”; but who wants to primp in a space that hasn’t itself changed in a while. If it’s time for you to update your bathroom here are a few helpful hints.

□ Make a change – Though bathroom sinks have traditionally been white or ivory sinks, there are many different alternatives. There are now a variety of lavatory options that provide aesthetic appeal through texture and color. Glass sinks, metal sinks, natural stone sinks, and even petrified wood sinks can be used to add interest needed in bathrooms from a small Powder room to a large master bath.

Bella Villa Design Studio | Sink

□ Our new favorite finish is Polished Nickel, which is both easy to maintain and beautiful. It has a warm undertone and complements a variety of styles. Be aware that when finishes are “live” or “living” they will react to where a once even-toned fixture will continue to age and change with use and time.

Bella Villa Design Studio | Faucet

□ Update surface appeal – Choice in countertop can completely affect the feel of the room. Many materials are available for these surfaces such as granite, marble, quartz and many eco friendly materials such as Caesar Stone, EnviroGLAS, etc. Whatever material you choose, make a classic color choice or select a surface with an interesting textural pattern.

Bella Villa Design Studio | Counter
… Stay tuned for part II of “Freshen Up”

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